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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Talking of Yves: England & Co

N.H. Stubbing: Spring Ceremonial, 1959

'Talking of Yves'
is another thought-provoking exhibition from England & Co. The show examines the life and work of artist Yves Klein and the social and artistic web in which he moved, examining all the influences that surrounded him. A variety of work is on display from artists Yyonne Hagen, Tina Keane, Susan Hiller, Iris Clert, N.H. Stubbing, Ralph Rumney and Yves Klein.

The pinnacle of the exhibition for me was Tina Keane’s touching film of an interview with art critic Yvonne Hagen, in which she remembers her relationship with Yves Klein. Other intriguing works are those of artist N.H. Stubbing, who was the husband of Hagen. His paintings convey an insistent rhythm; he uses his hand to print repetitively across the canvas.

The space at England & Co is limited and yet never overcrowded; what they show is always perfectly selected and presented. The work has more purpose than just looking pretty, it is also there to teach us about the artist that created it and the world in which he or she worked.

Exhibition continues until 21 July.

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