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Monday, 26 July 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 9

I find it really difficult to buy nice, suitable boots. It’s unfortunate that at most shoe shops you get bombarded with the exasperatingly ugly UGG boots, which you have to fight your way through to discover some decent shoes. Avoid UGGs - they are expensive and unflattering and worst of all, make you look like EVERYONE else!

Hudson is a London based company that strives to create ‘innovative, directional’ footwear. In 2004 they launched ‘H by Hudson’, their rebellious younger range. Hudson has a reputation for its fashion forward vision, offering shoes that are high quality and long lasting.

So I present to you H by Hudson’s Starley Multi Strap ankle boot. These sturdy little booties are ruggedly hip, they will look good with skinny jeans or floral dresses. Although casual in style Hudson’s boots are made from good quality suede and leather which allows them to be smart if they need to be. The Starley Multi Straps have just hit the shop floors and are selling out fast. Available in two colours – tan and brown, I prefer the lighter tan option (see above).

At £130 they are something to save up for, but will wear beautifully with age and should last you a while. They are available in shoe shops everywhere, but a little tip – if you are a student go to Office and you will receive 10% off (that’s a whole £13!)

Visit the Hudson website here.

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