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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

GIVEAWAY: Be my February Girl

It has always been a little ambition of mine to design clothes. When I was a teen I designed and made jewellery with my company ‘The Bead Hive’ (see here), and now I’m beginning to venture into the clothing idea. So I have decided to make a giveaway of my first, very simple, creation: a printed t-shirt.

February is my birthday month and if it’s anything like January, will be wet and dreary. So I want to make it a tiny bit brighter for one of you with a simple white t-shirt, easy to wear with anything, with the cute pink ‘February girl’ logo on the front; inside will be sewn one of my unique ‘thoroughlymodernmilly’ name tags. The t-shirt is a small, but is on the big side, and for those who are more petite: you can cut the seams and customise it as a baggy cropped tee - that’s what I’m doing with mine! Along with the t-shirt I will be throwing in some Mac make-up, yet to be decided on.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of being crowned the ‘February girl’ is:

1) Be a follower on my page, and tell me your name

2) Tell me in no more than 50 words, what is special about February for you and write it as a comment below.

Competition open to all readers worldwide, winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day, 14th February.


  1. Hi Milly :) I follow you via GFC as Lara :)

    February is special for me because of Valentine's Day. I like to spend it with my bf and it is the perfect day to show him how much he means to me and how I appreciate all he does for me :)

  2. thanks for your lovely comment :) you have a very sweet blog!

    The Flower Girl


  3. February is full of love & romance (and there is 2 of my best friends birthday), i love this month!

  4. ive followed you :)
    Feb is Valentines day, it always brings happy memories !

  5. I love the jewellry you used to make!
    February is special to me as not only is it Valentine's day but it's my boyfriend's birthday a few days later. We always try and do something special, I try to pull out the stops for him then, and it brightens up my month to see him so happy over that weekend. :)

  6. I love February because of Valentines day and a chance to catch up with everything before Spring and Summer.

  7. Hi Milly, February is very special because we celebrate International Friendship during this month.

  8. i love february because i get to bake cupcakes with my friends and have a valentine's day sleepover x

  9. I like february because I like valentines day...Even though I dont get many gifts :P

    Thank you for following my blog! we are doing the same thing with the clothing line :D good luck!!

  10. This is such a creative and unique giveaway! I love the idea! BTW, *Following* :)
    February is special to me because my cousin's birthday is in Feb, and she has always been my best friend and practically sister :) I was in her wedding last July, and she asked me to do her makeup for her - She is an amazing woman!

  11. I follow you with Google Friend :) If you want you can follow me back

    And for February, it's a special month because it's Valentines day and I love very much this day :) And also because it's my dad's birthday on the 21st :)
    Hope I will win


  12. February is special because its when we get settled back into our routine after all the holiday crazyness...and then out of nowhere we get bombarded with pink and hearts and love and sweetness.

  13. February is special to me because it is my 17th birthday on the 11th, I finally get to start driving! :D x

  14. Thanks for your comment! I love February as it is always super HOT in australia and that means the beach & homemade lemonade :)

    Heidi xo

  15. Hi Milly thank you for your lovely comment and following my blog :)

    February is special to me because it's one step closer to spring!! xx

  16. What a lovely page you have! So glad you found my page so that I could find yours.

    February is a special month for me because it's my birthday month. And also because my whole family are going away on a weekend together. I have a lot of siblings so it's not often we all get together. But now we've rented a house and me, my husband, my parents and all my siblings and their boyfriends and girlfriends and my little nephew are going away together. Can't wait!

  17. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway! Good luck in your clothing line venture!!

    February is very special to me, because that is the month my daughter was born in!
    xoxo ~ Dolly

  18. Veronique

    I love February-
    It reminds me to "FallBack" from Winter and Fall into Spring!
    Sweetkisses & candy wishes for Valentines day and a day off work for Presidents day to Blog!

  19. Great blog!

    February has always been special to me because it's my birthday, too! :-)
    Hopefully it won't be cold and dreary here in Texas.

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog! I'm a follower now too :) We have some things in common, I design jewelry and eventually would love to have my own clothing line. Good luck with yours!!

    My name is Aldina Dautovic

    February is special to me for a variety of reasons. My stepdad's birthday is in Feb. and my younger brothers birthday as well. It is also the month of love & friendship.

  21. I'm following now too

    My name is Vanessa, February is special to me because my husbands birthday is in February and because I was given one of the two most special gifts I'll ever receive. In my life. My daughter Leila. She'll be 3 on the 21st <3

  22. This is a cute giveaway!

    Im larissa and I am a follower on here!

    February, isn't an overly special month for me, my partner and i just celebrate love day a little just do something simple and special.

  23. yay for your give a way!

    I love february because it's such a fun, romantic month!

    I'm a follower!

  24. thanks for following my blog, i'm following you back!! i love the tee, and my favorite thing about february is that it includes one my best friend's birthdays AND my brother's birthday. i can't wait to bake them some yummy cakes (:

  25. thanks for visiting my blog!

    February is special because of the's my Mum's birthday!!!

  26. that´s great giveaway! I am February girl!:D Me and my mother were born in February becouse of is this month specialy for my. And February is also month of changes in my life!

    my name is Dominika

  27. thank you! :)

    follow you back :)) great blog!

    my birthday is in february and this would be a great presi! :D i think this month is full of love and special other events!


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  29. Hi there!
    Nice blog and cool giveaway! I'm following for sure.

    My name is Sadhana Lila,
    februari has always been special for me cause my father, brother and sister's bday are in that month. Always a big party, always looking forward to februari!

    gr. Sadhana lila

  30. My name is Eseeri.

    February is special because its a month of LOVE. Thanks to Valentines Day many people spend time outwardly expressing how much they love someone without any reservations. I think its cool that a whole month out of the year is dedicated to love!

  31. that's awesome! id love to design stuff that makes other people feel gorgeous too :)
    I agree, feb is the month of love. and birthdays of people i loove. :) haha. it's also the month after new year's, when you can truly appreciate life after the darkest days of winter and yet still be a snow bunny! :)
    thank you!!

  32. Hey there! My name is Zara and I'm one of your new followers and new to blogger in general. Love your shirt idea for the giveaway :).

    Well I love February because here in Australia because it's summer, which means, sand, surf and fun. Also I think the start of the year is an exciting time :D.


  33. HI there thanks for inviting me! That's great your creative, I went to Art College and did textiles.
    I am a new follower and February is special to me because it means we are closer to spring. I can't wait till we can have lighter mornings and evenings and the daffodils are all out :)
    I love white tees, nothing better than smart jeans and a white tee :) x

  34. Thanks for your comment! I will follow you too and And ofcourse, I'm going to join your give-away!
    Why february is special to me, is because it's just the start of a new year, my sisters birthday is on the 13th, and in Holland it's valentines day on the 14th so I'm going to have a wonderfull day with my boyfriend!
    Love, Donna.

  35. Hi. Thank you for your comment. I'm now following you too!

    February is great because the days are getting longer, the month is shorter which means March is around the corner and so is spring!! It was my grandmother's birthday and ye, it's valentines, romance, chocolates and presents.


  36. hey ((:, at first thanks for your cute comment and the following

    yeah, i'd like to take part in your giveaway, so i tell you what i like about february (:

    i think it's a cosy month and the right time for falling in love. i like to have sleepovers with my best friends and drink a lot of tea in month like february and spending the time at home or go for a walk in the snowy forest (:

    and the tshirt is really cute!

    love, alisa

  37. Hi, thank you, i'm gonna following your blog, ofc. You have a very cute blog1 xoxo

  38. Hello Milly, thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Alexandra, nice to meet you :)
    Can I expect to get the shirt being so far? :D yay!
    To me february is like the deep breath you take just before starting a race. Is the time to put air and motivation inside, and to believe you will be fine. This year, I am taking a deep deep breath. :)

  39. Thank you so much for your comment! That's so sweet! I really love your blog too!
    I'm following you with GFC as Laura,
    I love February because my birthday is in February and spring is coming up and I love spring&summer!

    ♥ Laura

  40. Aw I love your blog!

    Well, February is special to me because it is my best friends birthday month :) He never makes a big deal out of his birthdays so I like to spend each day of the month letting him now he will be one day older very soon! Haha! Beautiful shirt btw♥

  41. Hi I love this idea and I am glad you are doing something to beat the January blahs, which we are seem to be suffering, even here in the sunny southern California. Please sign me up for the give away!

  42. Well my name is Saima, and Febuary is special to me because every Febuary there is a Vintage fair in London!! I cant wait to shop till i drop. Also Valentines day makes me realize I dont need a partner to make me happy my friends are enough for me.

  43. February is when people realise that no-one is more important than their loved ones. February may be wet and rainy, but it captures the most beautiful moments in the world. Success does not come from the head but from the heart. May February be rainy and wet, all the love and passion comes alive. And even though I know I will absolutely not win, I know at least that February is when someone, somewhere will love me.

    My name is Molly Mercurio, I live just outside London, by Richmond, and I want to be known as a peace-maker.

  44. Hey, My name is Mana and to me febuary is special because it's a month of love, joy, and happiness. Even though it's during winter, you will always feel special on febuary. I like how it's just in the middle of winter and spring so it's a moment of calmness during the two seasons that brings together couples on valentines day.

  45. Glad you've liked my blog, love this idea of the giveaway, I'm following you now too :)

    My name is Mara,
    And next Sunday I'll be in a plane to London with my boyfriend and the 14th would be our anniversary and our first Valentine's day together. I think it's a beautiful month to spend with the ones you love in spite of the cold and foggy days.


  46. hi, I'm Penny Lane. Thank you so much for your cute comment about my blog :)! I'm so glad you like it! I'm really into that Tee, it's great!
    So, let's see...What do I love about february?
    First strawberries in the market, winter walks through the park, museum's exhibitions, cold rainy days, pleasant cool sunny days, always a short vacation with friends (sometimes to a big city, sometimes to the country), red tea, february air- lights (acoustic version), my cat's birthday (silly, but always funny), and this tee :)

    PL ♥

  47. hi, my name is Mar Fernández.

    I kinda like February for many reasons, one is because a new year has just begun and this month is not as stressful as January, with all those New Years' resolutions. In Feb you can actually see how the year will go and what mood you have towards it. And I also love it because it means that Spring is coming :)

    one big kiss!

  48. Hi, I'm Miss LT.

    I love February because:

    1. No council tax to pay

    2. It is becoming increasingly lighter when I
    finish work

    3. Not long till my next pay day.


  49. Hi, I'm Elsie. Thanks for the sweet comment and the follow- although my crazy blog hasn't let it shown up! This is why I love February for a bit of fun:

    As the first sun begins to glare through, you know that Spring is coming, but Winter still remains. Chills and thrills, and baking and fires, and sitting and waiting, and walking and rushing, and raining. I sit and wonder often in February why it is so grey, then I remember that it only comes once and make the most of it! Sometimes I feel like jump up, and shouting and releasing all that Summer locked up in me, but I don't, we are all far too drained. But then I do, as it's only February once a year. Thank Goodness for that!

    -elsiebirdie xo

  50. I think I'm abit late but thanks for the follow and comment really meant alot x

  51. Hi,
    I'm Josyp and I'm following u via google!

    Although February is a short month with lots of pouring rain and days filled with cold, it holds a special place in my heart, first of all, my mother's birthday happens to be in this month...moreover, in it we celebrate the lover's feast! I'm a hopeless romantic, I totally organize a whole lovely day on the 14th!! A day to remember I must add, even though I feel Valentine's day is EVERY single day and not just one day a year!!

    Thanks so much :))

  52. Hi I'm Paula.I follow via google too :)

    I love february because it its the month that i start to feel normal again haha. January is about getting over xmas and the new year oh and also my daughters birthday. Oh and how could i forget VALENTINES DAY lots of chocolate from the hubby.

  53. Hello, Milly! Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway :)
    I've followed you. Happy birthday!

    February is a lovely month to me because it marks my boyfriend's and my half anniversary (yeah I celebrate those! ^^)
    Also, it's still a cool month (not too hot or cold) so great for doing outdoorsy things where I'm from.

  54. Thanks for joining my blog, really appreciate it!
    Great blog by the way, soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

  55. By the way I've joined yours, remember my blog is
    and my other blog is
    and my friends is

  56. Hi! I follow you with Google as Linnéa Madsen (and my blog is MissLinneaBaby). February is special to me because it is my mom's birth month and my maternal grandma's birth month, so we have lots of excuses to arrange family things.

  57. Hey Milly,

    Thanks for following. Followed back ;) Great blog
    So what is so special about February....Valentines... hum no! Way too much (even if I would like a flower :p)
    Close to the spring, not really, have you seen the porring rain outside. What is special in February for me is that in general my bank account is back to normal after the festive period, and so is my weight :)

  58. Hello Milly, thanks for reading my blog :)

    Why I love february you ask? Because it's one step closer to spring! I know, my fellow Canadians are probably scolding me for not embracing the cold and snow. Although as a bonus uni students here have a week long break every february that always proves to be a good time.

    Hope your bday celebrations go well.


  59. thaank you for following..i would defiantly like to win!

  60. february is a unique becouse its the only moth that is eather 28 or 29 and its 29 every 4 years awsome ...and i think february is a great month becouse 2 is my fav number and my bestfriends birthday is on feb 22 and lets not forget that its the month of lovers..with out the date 14ht of February we have no VALENTINES DAY where we get CHOCOLATES and ROSES and KISSES and most of all ..we get the loved ones to be beside us!!
    every one should enjoy feb...after all we only have one february a year