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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

London girl Florence takes Latitude Festival by storm

No-one had heard of Florence and the Machine a couple of years ago, her rise to the top has been so rapid. This fiery haired Londoner has gone from strength to strength with her individual sound and big personality.

I saw her last week at Latitude Festival and witnessed the Florence craze. Although her unique screeching voice isn’t on my top Ipod playlist I can’t deny that this girl has talent and determination. An enormous black curtain dropped to reveal this goddess all in white. An abundance of energy could be seen both on and off stage as the crowd went wild for her.

I have to admit I didn’t see Florence’s whole set – The National were on at the same time and I wanted to catch a bit of them (as well as giving my ears a break from Flo’s earth shattering volume!) My favourite Florence number is her cover of ‘You’ve Got the Love’ which really got the crowd going.

After all the live music had stopped, my friends and I ventured to the Comedy Tent for some late night dancing (a bit of a tradition). Little did we know Florence was lurking backstage ready for some raucous karaoke. She came on stage, this time to a tent of about 100. I enjoyed this appearance much more, and it was amazing to be only metres away from her. We all sang happy birthday to her sister, who danced alongside Florence onstage.

Latitude Festival is a vibrant mix of creativity. It was encouraging for me, to see Florence as part of it. She was just a girl from London, with a similar upbringing to me, and now she is a star, an icon even.

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