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Friday, 9 July 2010

The Arts Theatre Club in Soho

The Arts Theatre Club is based in the centre of glittering Soho. This bar is in the style of a 1920s Prohibition Club.

The Club was recently redecorated by award winning designer Lee Broom.The decor is fun and stylish, but also comfortable with large velvet sofas to spread out on. You enter through a little door and follow steps downstairs where you reach a luxuriously dark red room. A functioning piano stands in one corner. The atmosphere is easy-going, and yet when drinking in The Arts Theatre Club you feel like you are brushing shoulders with an elite group of artists.

The club was started up by a group of actors as a meeting place after finishing on stage. A vibe which is still very much intact with a very interesting eclectic crowd.

I drank the delicious Arts Theatre Club cocktail – fruity with a little kick of spice, delicious and very moreish.

With so many fabulous places to drink in Soho it can be impossible to decide. I recommend The Arts Theatre Club, especially if you can manage to go on a night when one of their suitably retro DJs is performing.

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