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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Remembering Michael Jackson at 'Thriller Live'

There has never been a better time to go and see the musical Thriller Live. With the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death still fresh in our minds, this show is a wonderful way to celebrate his life and music.

Thriller takes you on a journey through all the major phases of Jackson’s musical life. There is not much of a narrative to follow, instead this show focuses on squeezing in as much singing and dancing as possible, performing popular hit after hit.

We are first shown an insight into Michael Jackson’s unique childhood and how his career began with his successful family band ‘Jackson 5’. The talented Mitchell Zhangazha is breathtaking as young Michael, with a voice and moves that rival the adult performers on stage. The dancers are fantastically exuberant, and perform in almost every number making me feel horribly unfit. The star of the show is Jovanny Pichardo Almonte who takes on the part of the main Michael dancer. He has studied Jackson’s dance and performance style for many years and it is certainly evident. Both his ‘look’ and his movement seem almost identical to that of Michael Jackson himself.

If you have a favourite Jackson number, it is sure to be part of this epic show, all my favourites feature. A trip to Thriller Live is a truly wonderful way to remember the King of Pop.

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