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Friday, 23 July 2010

Mint Leaf Lounge & Restaurant

Mint Leaf Restaurant and bar offers innovative Indian food and delicious cocktails. Situated conveniently in London’s West End, the restaurant space is expansive with smart wooden tables and stylish decor. I loved the trendy catwalk-like platform that runs through the restaurant.

The highlights of my trip to Mint Leaf were the delicious cocktails, some of the best I have tasted. I opted for the fresh fruit choices – Pineapple Martini and Peach Daiquiri. I was wisely advised, by my very own cocktail connoisseur, to have the daiquiri straight up rather than muddled (and messed up) with crushed ice, which is the less tasty American way.

The food was good but not worth the hefty prices (starters £8 ish, mains £16-20), with all the extra trimmings (rice, naan etc) extra on top. The menu is short, useful when you have difficulty making decisions. We chose mostly meat dishes to share – Lamb Bhuna, a tomato based curry, fragrant from the whole spices added, and Chicken Biryani, which I wasn’t as impressed with – it lacked flavour. We gave pudding a miss when we discovered the chocolate fudge tart was unavailable. Bad form Mint Leaf, bad form.

Final verdict: Ambience – nice, cocktails – great, food – okay.

See menu here.

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