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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden

I believe a restaurant's atmosphere is crucial to its lasting success. Last weekend I was taken to the vivacious Cafe Pacifico in Covent Garden.

With branches in Amsterdam and Paris this restaurant is a cosmopolitan success. Cafe Pacifico opened in 1982, and often hosts events in the premises' large open space. They boast delicious cocktails, that you can sip at the long wooden bar while you wait to be seated. I drank Mojitos, my favourite cocktail, I am picky about the recipe but Cafe Pacifico definitely passed the test.

The food was delicious, although beware, the portions are big - particularly a danger for girls when eating with a boy with a rather pathetic appetite. Cheese and avocado (my two vices) feature heavily in Mexican food so I don't go short.

Sharing dishes in Cafe Pacifico is the way forward, it allows you to try more, for instance the smoked chicken quesadillas, which I loved.

This restaurant has character and a real party atmosphere, it's perfect for a fun Friday night out.


  1. Hi Milly,

    I love Cafe Pacifico so much and you're right- sharing is definitely the way to go!... I found your blog through my husband- he works with S.
    Anna x x
    P.S. Are you two up for Monday Night Supper Club? we're starting it soon. x

  2. Hi Anna,

    So nice that you read my blog... apparently you have one too?

    Definitely up for Monday Night Supper Club - sounds fun!

    Milly xx