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Sunday, 11 July 2010

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

Every year, at the beginning of July hundreds of brave people take part in the J.P Morgan Corporate Challenge. This 5.6 kilometre running course has grown from a single event in 1977 to an international series in six countries.

On Tuesday 6 July I was one of the 13,000 participants running the race in London’s sunny Battersea Park. I was participating with my company for Great Ormand Street Hospital, a worthy cause.

I have to admit, ever since agreeing to take part I was dreading this run. I enjoy exercise (mostly contact sport), but find running very challenging, and haven’t really ever got into it. To make matters worse, I realised, the day before, that I didn’t own any trainers. Oh dear. After eventually digging out some (barely) suitable footwear, and choosing an appropriate outfit, I was ready to go.

The run itself was pretty hellish, but there were moments I enjoyed. Battersea Park is quite a picturesque location to run in, or visit, particularly along the river. The first four kilometres were bearable, it was the final stretch that really got me. And seeing a man passed out on a stretcher didn’t fill me with confidence. As I met up with my colleagues at the end I was filled with overwhelming pride that I had managed such a personal feat. A well deserved visit to the pub finished off the evening perfectly.

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