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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Reiss Party on Regents Street

Reiss and Marie Claire were having a party, so I went along to the Regent’s Street branch with two good friends. Champagne (well, Prosecco) was flowing and all the frocks were out, all with an appealing 10% discount. With this dangerous combination I was surprised not to see more fashion-hungry girls there.

The shop Reiss has never been one of my favourites, but since becoming a working gal I have found some real life-saving gems in there. Their prices have rocketed in the last few years, like most highstreet brands... which means you have to make buying less mean more. I tend to (try to) wait for the sale, prices normally drop to 50%, and even then I buy pieces that have versatility, like a silk top that can be worn with different skirts or trousers for work.

There were many alluring party frocks on display at the party, and my friends and I tried many (far too expensive) ones on. We agonised over several beautiful dresses, trying to justify the price and finding imaginary perfect events we could wear this one or that one to: Christmas Parties? Upcoming weddings? Best Friend's Birthday? I fell in love with a stunning leopard print silk top, that fitted well and seemed to suit me, but at £95 it just wasn’t worth it (see image above).

After finishing our second glass of Prosecco (we thought it would have been too rude to try for a third) we dragged ourselves away, deciding that our money was much better spent on food in a restaurant!

Visit the website here.

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