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Sunday, 28 November 2010

John Lennon at PROUD Galleries

This week Proud Gallery Central introduces another moving photography exhibition – Imagine: John Lennon.

I went along a few nights ago for a sweet little gathering at the King’s Road venue. The champagne was flowing and arty guests wandered round smiling knowingly when they came across an image they recognised. I felt a little underdressed – the Proud girls were all glammed up, and looked suitably stylish in black and white, matching the vintage vibe of the photos.

Many of the photographs pictured John with his wife, the magical Yoko Ono, perched in the background. This remarkable woman, who is an artist, musician, author and peace activist, has a certain aura in these photos and had a profound influence on her late husband. I loved the photos of The Beatles; Lennon often had a blank look, that perhaps shows his thoughtfulness. It was hilarious to see Paul McCartney, always with a cheeky grin on his face.

Proud Central always has a collection of its favourite photographic prints downstairs, so even if Lennon doesn’t interest you, it’s worth dropping by to see some of the other works on display.

30 years after his untimely death these poignant photographs fondly remember the important days of John Lennon’s life and the band that changed pop music forever.

Exhibition runs until 16 January 2011, see more info here.

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