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Friday, 12 November 2010

The Ice Bar - Below Zero

There is a lot of hype surrounding the Ice Bar (otherwise known as Below Zero) in central London, but it’s something you have to experience once. Located in the beautiful square on Heddon Street it sits next to several nice restaurants and bars, including my favourite, Piccolinos!

Winter is probably the worst season to choose to visit the Ice Bar, but it meant when I left I was pleasantly surprised by London’s temperature, which doesn’t often happen. Time slots are every 45 minutes, and it is sometimes worthwhile to book beforehand, because certain times do get busy and there are only a limited amount of spaces. There were various rules and regulations recited to us before we entered the exciting room, then we were told to put our arms down as large poncho type coats were thrown over our heads, complete with hoods and attached gloves! We looked hilarious.

It was freezing inside, really cold. Coincidentally I had my cosy Tory Burch boots with me, and for that I thanked God. All those smiling photos I had seen from friends' visits to the bar had given me a false idea! We shivered our way over to the bar where we collected our free drink, which comes complimentary with the £13.50 entrance ticket. There is a large choice of cocktails to choose from, but most seem to just be a shot of spirit with a top-up of fruit juice. The drinks arrive in delicately crafted square ice glasses, rather difficult to drink out of, but very pretty to look at. The bar itself it smaller than I expected, it is just one room with pillars and ice drawing on the wall; in one corner there is even a TV, covered over with ice, playing music videos.

After finishing our drinks and taking lots of photos to remember the occasion by, we found the comfortable ice sofa, complete with cushions which is actually quite warm. After about 20 (out of 45) minutes we were over the excitement and ready to go back to warm civilisation, but that felt like a bit of a cop out, so we found ways to keep warm. I myself did rather a spectacular little solo dance routine, that warmed my feet and raised my spirits!

We had fun but I think this is more of an experience for foreign visitors to London, we get enough cold weather as it is.

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