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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

La Soiree at Southbank Big Top

La Soiree is a fusion show of all things fun and fabulous from cabaret to circus, burlesque to vaudeville; it's got it all. The performance takes place at the Southbank Big Top, a huge mystical coloured tent, located just behind the National Theatre.

The show rotates a number of artists, all unique in their special talents. Many of the performers have come straight from award-winning show La Clique. La Soiree is held together by a few key performers: Scandinavian contortionist Captain Frodo, ‘Bath Boy’ David O’Mer, tumbling duo The English Gents and cabaret chanteuse Miss Behave. Each act has its own little quirks, and fine detailing that has been perfected for the short sketches.

Hamish McCann's Gene Kelly-inspired pole-dance routine was particularly memorable. He grips onto a lamppost, and magically holds his body horizontal as he walks through the air. The ease with which he perform is quite astounding considering the physical feat. I loved Captain Frodo, I couldn’t tell exactly how much of his act is genuinely him and how much is his alter-ego character, either way it works, and he immediately has the audience captivated. Twisting his body and comically narrating his act as he goes.

The venue is enchanting, warm with a waft of freshly made popcorn in the air. La Soiree certainly considers the audience's total experience. I didn’t find everything funny, and think there is perhaps a little too much clowning around, the acrobatics and tricks are so impressive I would like to see more of that area.

The best thing about it is every night of La Soiree is different so you can go again and again.

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