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Monday, 15 November 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 25

Every now and again the fashion world has a crazy moment, an occasion something unimaginably silly becomes suddenly very desirable. This month that special piece is the ‘onesie’, which is essentially an adult babygro! Now I must admit this is not my first experience of such a garment... I actually had a fleece one from Land’s End when I was about 15. I adored it, and as a true summer girl felt it was the only thing able to keep me warm in the cold winter months.

The fashion world first noticed the onesie when it began to be showcased by a few brave women at Paris Fashion Week this year; those sporting the look included Carine Roitfeld and Mark Ronson’s girlfriend, Josephine de la Baume. We have Norway-based company OnePiece to thank for these snuggly outfits. They started up their UK website a few weeks ago and are already struggling with the phenomenal demand. Onepiece say their inspiration came from a hungover need for a more comfy garment.

I am adding my name to the long waiting list, but can't decide on a colour. They come in plain shades, mostly bright and fun, or with more elaborate designs – stripy or even one replicating the American flag. Varying in price from £80-110, they are not cheap, but when you consider how much you would spend on skirt, top, tights and jumper, it works out to be a bargain. And there's a long term saving too – they are the perfect way to save on electricity bills.


  1. you totes got on this band waggon following one direction! HAHA

  2. HA, I first saw them in Grazia... how hilarious that 1Direction are wearing them too - what colour shall I get mine in?