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Monday, 8 November 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 24

Savannah Miller in her favourite Sara & Zoe waistcoat.

Ever since I first saw this waistcoat on Savannah Miller’s blog for VOGUE I haven’t been able to stop obsessing about it. I soon found out that the garment came from the gorgeous little family company Sara & Zoe.

The company was started about 14 years ago by Sara Stewart and has since been taken over by her equally creative daughter, Zoe. Without a shop, they offer an appointment service, or you can catch them at one of the many fairs they are doing this Christmas (see on the website). Zoe makes regular trips to India to pick each and every piece on sale, a fine selection, including jackets, waistcoats, shawls, bags, scarves and not forgetting the beautiful silver and semi precious stone jewellery.

I visited the Sara & Zoe stand at a recent craft clothes fair in Chelsea Old Town Hall. The beautiful bright Indian colours stood out a mile. Zoe explained about the different pieces and the origin of the stock. All the items come from a tiny family run business in India, made with a unique craftsmanship that reflects the vibrancy of life in this country so far away from our own.

Falling in love with several items I had to limit myself to just a waistcoat – the piece I loved best. But honestly there is so much to choose from, and with prices from £5-200 there are many perfect present options too – that is if you are generous enough to not keep it for yourself. I bought a rabbit skin waistcoat, like Savannah’s above but in a lighter creamy beige colour, with red stitching and white fur... I look a little bit like a trendy Eskimo in it! It cost £85, reasonable considering real fur in UK shops can be extortionately priced.

Have a look at the website, and I’m sure, like me, you will find Sara & Zoe totally irresistible. New Stock comes in from India soon, catch it before it all goes.

Look at the website here.

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