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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

PROUD GALLERY CENTRAL shows Bob Dylan photographs

This blog post is just as much about the venue as it is about the exhibition. PROUD Galleries in Camden is famous for its clever double act, art gallery by day, fabulous music venue and bar by night. London Lite called it ‘a magnet for all things cool and beautiful’. But who knew that a few miles away, on the stylish Kings Road, sits another PROUD gallery open to the wandering public seven days a week?

The photographs in both venues are wonderful, Camden displays prints that can be bought for as little as £70, so there is something for everyone no matter what the budget. For those collectors who want a more exclusive piece of work PROUD central is the place... the photos are often limited edition and consequently more expensive. Many times I have intended to visit the Camden branch either for food, art or music – all three massively appeal to me, but being a West London girl haven’t yet had the chance. I stumbled across the more central PROUD gallery a few days ago while on my way to a work night out. It was the striking black and white photos of Bob Dylan that caught my eye, and I couldn’t help but go in, just for a peek.

The space is clear and quiet, with a sophisticated feel, and a sweet bookshop in one corner. My favourite legend, Dylan, hangs all over the walls, sometimes alone with his guitar, and in some prints accompanied by various lovers or fellow musicians. All utterly engaging and inspiring to gaze at. Downstairs in the gallery is PROUD’s current exhibition of Keith Richards, featuring work by world class photographers including Ethan Russell, Dominique Tarle and Michael Cooper. I didn’t find these photos as exciting, most likely because they are not as recognisable to me. And yet as a collection they work coherently, complimenting each other and giving the viewer a real insight into the colourful and wacky era they capture. This exhibition will run until 21 November, when a Lennon show will start.

PROUD is one of the most popular privately-owned photographic galleries in the UK, and it is clear to see that they care about photography as much as their fans. I am delighted to have found the King’s Road branch, it is a gallery not to be missed. Oh, and did I mention admission is free?!

Visit the website here.

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