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Monday, 1 November 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 23

This is the week to give your laptop some love and affection. Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs have brought out a collection of groovy accessories all on sale in Harvey Nichols in the M by MJ pop-up shop. The line includes headphones, keyrings and of course iPod and laptop cases, all in fabulous bright colours.

Now I know Marc Jacobs isn’t highstreet, and neither, strictly is the diffusion line (Marc by Marc Jacobs) but with prices as reasonable as these I think it qualifies for my Hot on the Highstreet feature. The laptop case comes in two sizes: 13 inch and 16 inch, priced at £35 and £45 respectively. The cover is made from thick, snug nylon and is imprinted with the MJ initials. Pretty cool me thinks.

I have a standard size MacBook Pro, that my brother assured me measures 13.3 inches. The smaller of the two size laptop cases fits my little computer perfectly. The cases come in a few colours: black, blue, yellow, pink... I of course got the pink. If you're a bit more of a techie and have already bagged yourself an ipad then there is the slick M by MJ cover available for that too. I’m afraid I could only find a picture of the blue version (see above), you’ll have to take my word for it, the pink is definitely the nicest!

Now it’s cold and wintry your laptop will need a coat too, get the Marc Jacobs case and I promise it will be the cutest computer in town... but hurry because the pop-up store is only around for a few weeks.

See here.

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