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Saturday, 18 September 2010


The SAATCHI GALLERY sits among the dainty shops and cafes of the fashionable King’s Road. Inside the gates the atmosphere is calm, quiet and airy and there is a sense of understated luxury that emanates from the large clean white rooms. My visit felt a bit like a detox after the busy, hyper streets of Chelsea.

It is always encouraging when you go to a gallery and find art students sprawled across the floors joining in the creativity; it shows an active response to the work. It also reminds me fondly of being a keen art student myself. The Saatchi gallery staff ooze coolness, I was envious of their hip t-shirts which I later found out were available in the gallery shop, another item for the wish list.

The Saatchi aims to be a platform for innovative art and a springboard for young unknown artists to launch their careers. The current exhibition: NEWSPEAK BRITISH ART NOW, is split into two parts, the first is on now. I loved all the work and found that it came together as an exciting eclectic mix. Steven Claydon’s sculpture stood out – a quirky head with a peacock feather as an eye patch. I visited the gallery in my one hour lunch break and found I didn’t have nearly enough time. With the free admission it’s nice to know I can go back at anytime. As I left small neatly-uniformed school children were running and laughing on the grass surrounding the gallery building. All in all an idyllic London lunchtime.

The Saatchi Gallery is open every day, 10-6.

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