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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

PUNK ROCK goes on tour

I am so relieved that I managed to see Punk Rock, just in time. I had heard brilliant things about its run at The Lyric, and knowing one of the cast members suspected the positive rumours were true... I really enjoyed it.

The play, written by Simon Stephens is set in a grammar school in Stockport. A group of outspoken teenagers are preparing to take their mock exams. The set remains unchanged throughout; we are in an old dusty library, a room that becomes increasingly claustrophobic as the story unfolds. The group are joined by a new girl, self-harming Lilly Cahill. We watch as the dynamic changes between the students as they struggle to grow up. Punk Rock introduces us to character types that we can all sympathise with.A cast of nine outstanding actors gives a powerfully expressive performance. These young promising actors, a few of them debuting in Punk Rock, command the stage with maturity way beyond their years.

I want to draw attention to this show as it embarks on a large scale national tour. It returns to the stage after a very successful sell-out run at Manchester’s Royal Exchange. Visiting theatres all over the country, a show not to miss... it is one of the most gripping plays I have ever seen.

More information on Punk Rock's tour here.

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  1. punk rock should not be callled punk rock because it gave off the wrong impression to our school and therefor it was totally not what we expected it was a good 2nd half but the 2st half was very boring and was scattered about over every character where as we would have rather seen more about one character in perticular