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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

THE PRINT ROOM - The Imaginary Painters Workshop

The Print Room, a new venue hidden away in Notting Hill, specialises in promoting experimental theatre, music, dance and visual art collaborating with some of the most exciting creative talent around. I went along this weekend to see their first exhibition: The Imaginary Painters Workshop.

Within a newly renovated 1950s warehouse, the space is clean and spacious with an enchanting garden outside. I was immediately captured by the character of the building and noticed the versatility of the main performing room. The work on display is by two inventive artists, Sofie Lachaert and Luc D’Hanis. There are a few themes that seem to link the different pieces: the artist’s palette is the most visually obvious. The handwoven ‘Palette Rug’ takes up a large area of the floor and the brightly coloured edible painting (also in the shape of a palette- see image above) is very appealing in another corner of the room. The other work is intriguing and pretty to look at, although the reasoning behind the pieces is sometimes impenetrable.

I cannot wait to see some drama in this space, although the visual art works well here I feel this is a venue that will thrive on the power of live theatre. Definitely one to watch, check out the website to find out about exciting upcoming projects.

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