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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

OTTO Cornmeal Pizza

The idea for Otto pizza came to creators Tom and Rich when they were on a road trip across America. In Portland, Oregon they tasted cornmeal crust pizza in a local restaurant there, Dove Vivi. After tasting this heavenly pizza they decided to bring the idea to the UK, and so recently opened up OTTO in Westbourne Grove.

Cornmeal is a flour made from dried corn and is a staple food in many countries. Often it is known as polenta or grits. At Otto they use a cornmeal and flour mix for the crust to achieve a delicious texture and flavour. This cornmeal crust is much thicker and sturdier than most standard pizza bases allowing Otto to load the pizzas with more creative and generous toppings.

Although these pizzas aren’t completely gluten- or wheat-free, they have a much lower wheat content making them much more enjoyable for those with mild intolerances.

At Otto you can enjoy quirky, alternative flavours. Last weekend I tried three varieties: Jerk Chicken, Sweetcorn & Caramelised Onion and Pepperoni & Roasted Vegetables. All three were yummy, although I preferred the meat toppings. Unlike most pizzas, Otto’s food won’t leave you feeling bloated, despite the cornmeal crust being more filling. Unusually I found myself savouring the crunchy crusts rather than begrudgingly pushing them to one side to nibble on at the end. And after two slices I felt well-fed, healthy and completely satisfied.

Don’t believe me, try it for yourself...

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