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Monday, 20 September 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 17

I hate jeans shopping. In fact I hate wearing jeans, so I rarely have to shop for them. I find them uncomfortable, unflattering and, most of all, ill-fitting. Most jeans shopping trips end in me despairing to the poor friend with me... ‘Why don’t ANY of them look nice on me?’ And I go home empty handed and frustrated.

Could Levi’s Curve ID be the answer to our cries for help? In the end it’s the fit that matters, even if a pair of jeans makes you look amazing, if they don’t feel amazing they’re not going to stick in your wardrobe. FINALLY women of all shapes and sizes can look good in jeans, with the new custom fit jeans from Levi’s. The launch arrives after Levi’s has spent two years researching body shapes; apparently a massive 87% of people they talked to wanted better fitting jeans than the ones they currently owned.

Curve ID jeans come in 3 styles, designed to fit the majority of women. Slight curve for those with straighter bodies, Demi Curve for those with proportionate curves and Bold Curve for those with smaller waists and curvier hips or bottom. I love the campaign which shows Lykke Li (slight curve), Pixie Geldof (demi curve) and Miss Nine (bold curve). I got measured in Levis in Westfield, and am apparently between Slight curve and Demi curve. I tried both on and the Demi felt more comfortable. These jeans are being welcomed into the fashion world just at the right time, as curvier models hit the catwalk and voluptuous role models like Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) inspire normal women to be more confident.

All you have to do is visit a Levi’s store, get measured (no stripping down to underwear necessary, phew). A lovely sales assistant will be on hand to take two measurement round your hips with a piece of ribbon, the difference between the two numbers determines which of the CURVE ID jeans are for you. They are quite low-cut so may not be for everyone, and at around £80 aren’t cheap. But if they do feel right you can be a lot more confident that you’ll get them home and STILL like them. And let’s be honest £80 is a small price to pay for the perfect pair of jeans.

Check them out on the website here.

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