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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Eating at Kitchen W8

I have to say I was a little disappointed with Kitchen W8 this time around. My first visit to this restaurant was great, me and my foodie friend chose our meaty mains well and then for dessert, well we couldn’t decide, so we got three between us, so what, we hadn’t had starters so felt we were entitled to it. I can’t remember exactly what our delightful desserts were now, but I do remember that it was this course that made the meal entirely worthwhile. It was a lovely dinner, and I thought the restaurant was perhaps on its way to getting a Michelin star.

Making the decision recently to try more nice restaurants at lunchtime (cheap set menus) meant another trip to Kitchen W8 this weekend. The set menu is great value - £17.50 for two courses, £19.50 for three at lunchtime Monday – Saturday. An offer it's hard to refuse. Due to three later bloggable activities we had to go early so I booked the table for 12 noon. We were the only people there for a good 45 minutes, and I found the silence quite unnerving, despite being tucked away in our own little corner.

The set menu was quite limiting, with only two options for each course. I had a bizarre cauliflower soup, quite nice once I forgot what it was! My friend had some, apparently good, ham with apple relish to accompany. The bread that came our way was, by the way, divine , especially the warm onion and pumpkin bread. For mains we both had the pigeon, which had a delicious flavour, but I was put off by the tough texture, impossible to cut through. Pudding, as it previously had, made up for the meal's earlier shortcomings. I had the most wonderful melting vanilla mousse with a thin crunchy oatmeal biscuit to contrast, and a touch of blackberry compote. On the other side of the table was a sweet brioche dessert with ice-cream. Both utterly amazing, I remembered why I had loved this restaurant so much the first time around. Fresh mint tea and complimentary chocolate truffles concluded the meal.

More information on Kitchen W8 here.

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