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Monday, 13 September 2010

Gaucho Grill

Definitely the best steak I’ve ever had, rivalled only by my granny's supreme cooking. I’d often heard about Gaucho Grill from friends, but being slightly sceptical of chains, was never actually intrigued enough to try it. Until now.

Oh yum. We went at 6.30 pm to the Hampstead branch, before a show, so had the restaurant completely to ourselves and several waiters willing to give us, in depth, steak explanations. After the drinks were delivered, a polite girl came (with her board of raw meat) to ask about our steak choices. Poor thing, I was probably more demanding than she’d expected. I chose Sirloin (a beef steak cut from the rear part of the animal) with unbelievably good peppercorn sauce. My date had the same, cut with mustard sauce (not as good). The chips were perfect and mixed salad, definitely above average as mixed salads go.

One negative – I did not like the music, why civilised restaurant put on aggressive dance music in the background, I will never know; and as we already had a time limit to eat within this made me feel pressured and on the edge of indigestion. However I will definitely be going back, pricey but worth it, and with Gaucho branches all over London, there are many to try out.

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