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Monday, 29 August 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 66

Moschino’s take on fashion is fun and bold, with wacky patterns, striking prints and a healthy dose of colour. With the addition of the ‘cheap and chic’ range, this desirable designer brand became affordable to younger buyers, and even more on trend.

This seasons Autumn/Winter collection features the fashion capital cities landmarks; New York’s Statue of Liberty, Paris’ Eiffel Tower and for London, a red telephone box. Each are printed as 60’s style shift dresses. Though priced at £440 these fabulous iconic dresses are still way out of my price range, however there is a little something from Moschino this season that is both affordable and desirable - the interchangeable silk and leather strap watches.

This is the most intriguing watch I’ve ever seen, with the option for either a silk scarf strap, or a more classic leather band. Both straps are included, a brilliant two for the price of one offer. There is a range of designs, different colours, materials, patterns, some of the watch faces are even decorated with crystal gemstones. I love several of the designs, and only wish I could mix and match and choose each component separately, but unfortunately each set is already chosen.

With the leather strap this watch is smart and chic, but with the scarf it is transformed into a pretty boho accessory. The scarf can also be worn separately, round your neck, in your hair or tied on a bag - it is multi-purpose. Ranging in price from £92 to £125 these watches are stylish and versatile and certainly a very good designer investment.

Buy online on the Moschino website here. Or on ASOS website here.

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