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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bistro du Vin - the best burger in London?

While in New York I spent some time in search of the best burger in town. They varied in price and style enormously, with all kinds of toppings and accompaniments. I came back with an enriched understanding of this popular fast food. However, if I was asked about the best burger in London I wouldn’t know where to start, what establishment to nominate. Black and Blue does exceptionally well rounded burger courses; Chiswick farmer's market do the freshest juiciest lamb burger ever, and Opera Tavern conjure up the yummiest mini burgers - a divine mix of Iberico pork and foie gras. The winner would depend on your preferences: how you like it cooked, the importance of the chip quality, which burger fillings you consider to be essential.

I was offered the chance to assess the burgers at Bistro du Vin, where they pride themselves on offering guests a cooking preference for their burgers which will keep the Food Standards Agency content, but without detracting from the great taste and dining experience. We each ordered one each, mine was cooked medium-well and my friend opted for medium-rare.

Delivered to us on rustic wooden boards, with an adorable little copper pan of mild chilli dressing they certainly looked like posh, high calibre burgers: stacked high with a combination of delicious components (bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion) and kept together with a cocktail stick. You could immediately tell that the Donald Russell sourced beef is of exceptionally high quality. The chips are majestically presented in a golden cone, which slots into a groove on the board showing that this burger experience has certainly been well thought through.

Bistro du Vin use a Josper Grill which allows them to cook their meat to perfection, and we found that the colour and tenderness exactly met each of our requests: mine was firm with a slightly charred edge but still juicy, with only a hint of red. The medium-rare was more crumbly round the outside with a deep pink and flavoursome interior. The brioche bun was nicely toasted to prevent any unwanted sogginess and the textures were perfectly balanced with the crispest crunchiest lettuce and onion and a sweet red tomato slice.

Priced at £14.50, it seems quite expensive for a burger, but considering that for that you also receive a large portion of chips and a separate dish of dipping sauce, I feel it is justified.

Apparently officially the Bistro burger is rated 8th best in London, though from my experience I would rate it much higher. This is a burger that not only exceeds expectations in all the necessary criteria but one that succeeds in suiting any requirement, cooked to perfection every time.

Visit the Bistro du Vin website here.