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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Greenwich Market

I have lived in London my whole life, but surprisingly have never visited Greenwich before. It was a pleasant revelation when I went last weekend with a group of friends. In the sunshine Greenwich was postcard perfect, the history and tradition in this gorgeous place is immediately obvious.

In the centre of town a market takes place every Saturday and Sunday 10-5.30 and all selling and visiting information can be found on the very coherent website. During the week, other more specific fairs are held on the same site. Every year millions flock to the vibrant outdoor market to look and buy fresh produce, homemade food and snacks, and arts and crafts. I was overwhelmed by the fragrant smells, vivid colours and friendly atmosphere of this event. When we went along there was a vast array of goodies to choose from... desperately thirsty from the intense heat wave I first opted for a Monmouth coffee and a freshly made pineapple, orange and apple juice, tasty and very refreshing.

The food was much harder to decide on, an assortment of sweet and savoury delights, from Turkish wraps to strawberries dripping with chocolate. I went for the barbecued sausage and onions in fresh baguette, which was piping hot and very comforting. The churros also caught my eye... long fried Spanish style doughnuts that I fondly remember eating every summer in the South of France. Avoiding temptation, I promised myself an ice-cream later and we wandered off to Greenwich Park where hoards of sun worshippers were filling every inch of green grass. Walking up the hill we came to a stunning view of London, including many of the trademark buildings.

I think Greenwich may well become the new Notting Hill in a few years time...

Visit the Greenwich market website here to find out more.


  1. I love Greenwich Market. Great food selection, particularly good cakes. It's lovely at Christmas time too, very festive. c

  2. Greenwich Market is a little gem with great of my London ravs and favs.