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Friday, 26 August 2011

DOCKERS clothing comes to London

Dockers is a massive iconic brand in America introduced by the legendary Levi Strauss company. Over in the UK they aren’t so well known, but lucky for us this revolutionary brand are about to change that.

The company grew famous because of their khaki trousers but now have a whole range including check shirts, ties, boat shoes, and genius reversible shorts. The collection has a country feel and is quite rustic looking. With an obvious lack of denim, I was immediately reminded of Marlon Brando in ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ when I had my first glimpse of Dockers.

The overall idea seems to be to give men an option aside from jeans, smart trousers, or chino's... khaki trousers are a good in between offering, that you can wear at work and socially. Dockers have a few different types of Khaki trousers including the very popular purple and orange variety as well as some really unique and flattering pastel shades, then of course there are the more classic colours and fits.

A few days ago I was invited to visit the new Dockers Showroom in the heart of Shoreditch on Charlotte Street, a non-selling store that showcases the latest ranges. Dockers already have concessions in Harvey Nichols, and online on ASOS, but they now have their very own store opening in September and a brand new showroom so eager customers can try on their favourite garments before committing to buy online. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but I sent someone to check out this hip American brand and try out the Khaki trousers for himself.

Apparently the showroom was very cool, a small space that has a beach hut feel, and a striking bright orange bicycle inside. He left with a pair of the Dockers 'Alpha Khaki' which is defined by the slogan – ‘where jeans end and khakis begin’. Well fitting, comfortable and achingly cool these trousers seem to be just the thing that the London man’s wardrobe needs.

And although Dockers is currently only menswear, the whole idea is for girls to wear the smaller sizes with the ‘I stole my boyfriend’s clothes’ look in mind.

Watch this space, UK store and website are coming very soon. Buy here on ASOS.

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