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Monday, 22 August 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 65

With the British 2012 Olympics on the way, I think it is fun to display a bit of patriotism in our clothing choices. I found a fantastic Union Jack 60s dress at Southbank’s Vintage Festival which prefigures the Spice Girls look and has a wacky Britpop feel to it... I wore it proudly in St Tropez recently while on holiday.

Another fabulous flag garment is Crew’s cardigan that displays a big union jack across the front. Ideal as a transition piece between summer and autumn, it will keep you warm while still being light enough for September days. This merino wool cardigan is eye catching but classic and will never go out of fashion. It has a luxurious woollen feel, but with the added 50% acrylic is soft and comfortable, avoiding any itchiness.

This garment was featured a few weeks ago in Stylist magazine, and sold out online almost immediately but it seems they have come back in stock... I am desperate to buy one but am a little deterred by the £85 price tag. There are two Crew shop in London, located in Battersea and Wimbledon, so if you need to try it on before you commit, it’s worth visiting one of these stores.

Get a little bit of ‘Rule Brittania’ in your wardrobe with this striking cardigan, see it online here.

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  1. omg! i have been looking all over for tops like this but no luck over here. i love it.