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Monday, 20 December 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 30

It is five days till Christmas and I’m sure there are some frantic shoppers out there trying to find last minute presents for girlfriends, or maybe helping Father C get those final stocking fillers. This week’s Hot on the Highstreet is the perfect girl’s Christmas gift. It costs only £25, but looks like it costs much more... Agnes B’s Le b’ perfume.

This delicious scent comes in the prettiest heart-shaped bottle; it is quite small, holding 30 ml, so easy to fit in even the most petite of handbags. This eau de toilette combines orange flowers, lemon leaves, water melon seeds and jasmine. The smell is light and fresh and will make you feel summery even in these cold winter months.

I spotted it while browsing in Covent Garden, I hadn’t been into Agnes B for a while and was pleasantly surprised by their array of beautiful and individual items. Also on my wish list from this shop are the black fingerless gloves (from the Men’s department... I think) and the glorious striped tops that mimic Dennis the Menace’s classic look! I sampled ‘Le b’ as I walked in and was pleased to find the smell was just as strong on my wrist as I left 25 minutes later, the sure sign of a decent perfume. I remember thinking that this is a smell ideal for both young women and the more mature lady - elegant with a touch of fun.

Stylish Agnes B stores can be found at:

35/36 Floral Street, Covent Garden; 31/32 Duke of York’s Square, King’s Road; as well as in Marylebone and Spitalfields.

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