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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

All Star Lanes Bowling

Why I had never heard of All Star Lanes Bowling Alley before I do not know, it felt like the place was made for me. My friend had her 23rd birthday outing there last weekend, and we all had an absolute ball, despite none of us being any good at bowling!

All Star Lanes was founded by Mark von Westenholz and Adam Breeden who opened their first venue in Holborn in January 2006. The second All Star Lanes followed in 2007 in Bayswater with the third opening on Brick Lane in November 2008. They are expanding further afield in the next three years with more branches set to open all over the country.

‘Inspired by a passion for bowling and the changing-face of going out in London, boutique bowling was born - a marriage of bowling, cocktails, the finest cuisine and unforgettable music.’

We turned up around 11 pm to discover the place very much alive. Most people were dressed up for the occasion in thick rimmed glasses, headscarves, floral print dresses, or cropped trousers. Once again I was shamefully under-dressed and under-costumed, although I was wearing my favourite Sara and Zoe rabbit waistcoat, so my outfit attracted a little bit of attention. The decor, the waitress' uniforms, the music – all of it screamed ‘Grease’, I loved it.

There are only four bowling lanes, so obviously this limits the number of people who can use them. The organised birthday girl had just managed to book us in, but the only slot available was at 1am. For those who aren’t lucky enough to get a bowling spot, there is a bar with fabulously retro cocktails and a dance floor that was completely full of impressive jivers. I couldn’t help but stand and watch the enthusiastic dancers, who all seemed to be having such a good time.

We were split into teams for the bowling, our team seemed a little more interested in sharing round the red lipstick than winning the bowling game. We tried our best, and yet many of us (me included) consistently knocked zero pins over. The jubilation when someone did get a few down was indescribable; I soon lost my voice. We danced too while our teammates had their turns. At the end of the night my final score was 66; amazingly the best female score in the team.

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