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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Move Choreographing You: an art and dance exhibition at The Hayward Gallery

Most art exhibitions are calming or thought-provoking but the Hayward Gallery is offering up something quite different this month. ‘Move: Choreographing You’ explores the interaction between art and dance from the late 1950s to the present. The work comes from a collection of wacky artists including: Janine Antoni, Pablo Bronstein, Robert Morris and Franz West. The show allows spectators to participate throughout, making us more than just audience members. It feels a bit like an assault course on School Sports Day except more of the contenders are fully grown adults!

This is a perfect Half Term activity for all the family to enjoy. The real downfall is the queues to have ‘your go’ on each piece of art. For the first major construction I had to wait about 15 minutes before I was allowed to go through. You climb through several compartments, including a central inflated clear bubble, and an area filled with balloons. The actual experience is fun, but after waiting for so long and hyping myself up for something other-worldly, it definitely didn’t live up to expectations.

My favourite activity is the maze of swinging hoops that you have to climb your way through (see image above). I managed to get about halfway before becoming hideously twisted in the ropes and falling to the ground totally defeated. I was definitely not dressed suitably – and spent half the time pulling my dress down to avoid any public indecency. Annoyingly my friend managed to make it through with heroic speed, and stood quietly gloating as I struggled. Other installations include films and outdoor artworks on the roof. There are also pieces that look at the history of movement and dance, and a beautiful little video of some clog dancers in one of the rooms. I have to say, participating in this exhibition involved more exercise than I had experienced in a long time, and I could definitely notice the ache in my muscles the next morning.

It is always interesting to go to something a bit different and exciting, especially when it is hands on but I was expecting more for my £11 ticket.

Move Choreographing You continues at The Hayward Gallery until 9 January 2011.

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