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Monday, 4 October 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 19

The weather is hideous... the last chances of an Indian summer are well and truly gone and it’s time to consider an alternative to the ballet shoes and floral dress combo I have been clutching onto for as long as is possible. Although perhaps not... big knitwear is in and perfect for throwing over a summer outfit to warm you up on the increasingly chilly autumn days.

Woollen jumpers look great on boys and girls, and are better bought from the men's department, to ensure maximum snuggle factor. You can find them all over the highstreet at the moment, but I have chosen a specimen from GAP.

GAP is one of my favourite highstreet shops, selling easy to wear, simple and stylish clothes, but often overlooked by those who believe they are above and beyond its classic looks. I particularly rate their knitwear, I live in the merino wool women's cardigans, as they are perfect for work and play.

Above is a picture of my current favourite from GAP: Cable Knit Lambswool Sweater Hoodie. That’s right, it has the added bonus of a hood. This jumper comes in at £69.50 because it is made from 100% lambswool, which is soft as well as warm, but there are cheaper versions available in store too. It comes in Charcoal and Olive Heather, sizes XS to XL, and so is suitable for all sizes, men and women. Slightly more refined looking than your average knitted garment thanks to the cable knit.

My fashion 'man in the know' suggests the French Connection men’s range – so if the GAP ones don’t tickle your fancy, try FC as they have some good options too, including a dashing ‘Reverse Sasquatch Jumper’ in grey and white. It is quite festive, and surprisingly cheap for this shop at only £60.

Keep warm and look cool this autumn, buy yourself a knitted jumper.

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