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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair features over 150 of the most exciting contemporary art galleries in the world. The fair also includes specially commissioned artists’ projects, a prestigious talks programme and an artist-led education schedule.’

Last year I helped at Zoo Art Fair, the younger crazier version of Frieze. My dad’s work was included in the eclectic mix. It was great fun and a very interesting project to be part of. I’ve always wondered what Frieze is like, and this year I got the chance to find out. I was lucky enough to be given two guest passes, and so was treated to complimentary champagne and delicious little canape treats. The VIP room was by far the best part of the Fair for me!

I was wearing my new 60s inspired, patterned COS dress, and was delighted to discover that COS is in fact one of the sponsors for Frieze, how mightily appropriate. And I know it sounds ridiculous, but this little coincidence made the whole outing more enjoyable.

After consuming the delicious nibbles and bubbly, we went off to venture round the scarily massive hangar of art. It is too big to see all the exhibits, and even if you did have a whole day to browse, you wouldn’t want too, as I think you’d zone out after a while. The work itself is very ‘in your face’, subtlety is an unknown concept in the world of Frieze. Around every corner a bold statement is made, sometimes with a giant vulgar sculpture, less often through a fluorescent painting or some mildly offensive photograph. Often the work tackles the grand topics of life and death. The art is intriguing, but most of it not the kind of thing you would want in your house, as even the most aesthetically pleasing is either too big or too precarious to display in a domestic environment. I liked the bright pink telephone box and some of the photographs best, there are also some dainty little ceramic cups on show that reminded me of some of Antony Gormley’s more petite work.

Tickets were priced at £25 each this year. In quantity you definitely get your money’s worth, and with work from so many different countries there is a huge variety to explore. I just enjoyed being there, and being part of the hubbub, some of the outfits visitors were wearing were artworks in themselves and I enjoyed observing all the mad characters.

Visit Frieze website here.

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