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Monday, 18 October 2010

Hot on the Highstreet Week 21

You may be too young to remember the days when sweets were quaintly packaged in stripey pink paper bags. I can just about recall placing my carefully chosen portion of pick’n’mix in one. When I was at primary school, my siblings and I had ‘sweetie day’ on Friday. Our granny would pick us up from our respective schools, and we’d rush excitedly to the corner shop on Southfield Road in Chiswick. The weekly trials and tribulations for my poor granny are quite hilarious in retrospect.

Now you can relive your childhood sweetie experiences in style through Natthakur’s inventive leather accessories, with designs that mimic sweetshop bags, grocery bags and brown paper bags. This collection is called ‘The Reusable Range’ and considers the notion of disposability. Designer Natalie Thakur’s hopes to ‘recreate designs in leather to not only bring longevity to the designs by turning something cheap into something with perceived value, but also to expose the simplicity of the pieces as art objects.’

The sweetie-style make-up bag is made from the finest leather, like all Natthakur’s accessories. It comes in pink (definitely grooviest) and black. It costs £28 and can be bought online here. As well as oozing retro style it is sure to stand out in a messy handbag. Also worth a quick mention are the lovely little coin purses costing £30 (see image above).

Dare I say it... one of Natthakur’s products would make a great stocking filler!

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