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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Gilgamesh Restaurant in Camden Town

Gilgamesh is one hell of an experience. As you approach it in edgy Camden Town it looks almost like a temple... glowing against a dark backdrop. After ascending a tall escalator you see that the interior is even more impressive.

Gilgamesh advertises itself as a restaurant, bar and Babylon lounge, although I would say it is almost a club as well. It is a glorious relief from the chaos of the Camden Town markets that surround it.

I have read mixed reviews about Gilgamesh, though few can deny its amazing presence. Many visitors complain that the service is poor; I found quite the opposite to be true and was treated like royalty. Our group visited the bar area first, and joined the buzzing crowds. Luckily the massive space is able to accommodate everyone and we managed to find a table easily. I was treated to a relaxing massage by wandering masseurs; it was so calming I almost fell asleep.

It was 11 o’clock when we dragged our weary bodies to our grand table and received complementary glasses of Champagne from the lovely Gilgamesh girls. The food is good, although pricey. It’s worth watching out for deals on the internet, we got a great set menu deal on Top Table. We shared a variety of veggie and meat dishes between us – the duck and watermelon salad was palate-intriguing but my favourite was the creamy Thai vegetable curry, even though it was a little too spicy for me. After a long and lively supper we were invited to the VIP area to dance and continue our night.

We exited by the awe inspiring staircase - as you descend you follow the intricate hand-carved ‘Tree of Life’, a magnificent work inspired by the friezes at The British Museum. Back on the streets of Camden I reflected on the glittering palace I had just visited.

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