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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

IDA Restaurant

making pasta

I want to recommend to you IDA, a tiny authentic Italian restaurant in London’s Queens Park.

The restaurant was set up by husband and wife, Simonetta and Avi who previously had little experience in the restaurant business but a great passion for food. Now they provide wholesome meals for locals and regulars and anyone else who is lucky enough to discover this little gem.

IDA makes fresh pasta everyday, an art that is dying out even in parts of Italy. Making pasta requires patience and know-how but makes the IDA dishes that much more delicious.

The menu changes regularly at IDA, focusing on different regions of Italy. Currently they are looking at Piemonte - Valle d’Aosta, the least populated area of Italy in the mountainous north-west of the country. The homemade gnocchi are delicious and I also love the tagliatelle al ragu’, a classic dish made exceptionally well.

Lovely food, lovely atmosphere. Well worth a try.


  1. Thank you Milly! Come and do a Saturday morning pasta making workshop on the house.

    Simonetta x

  2. Glad you like it!

    I'd love to come to a pasta making workshop, perhaps one Saturday in September!

    Milly x