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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Buying and Selling at Chiswick Community School Carboot Sale

Chuck out the old, bring in the (nearly) new, it’s what car boot sales are all about. It is a wonderful feeling gathering all those unused bits and bobs together and selling them off for a pocket full of cash, even if you do go and spend it immediately in jubilation after your hard work.

With a father keen on collecting junk, I have in my time been to a lot of car boot sales, Chiswick Community School is perhaps the best. This giant sale runs on the first Sunday of every month (except January), it has some regular sellers but you will always come across exciting new stalls as well.

Here are the facts for a seller at Chiswick car boot:

- - no sale is ever cancelled, whatever the weather

- - the queue for sellers starts at 5.00 am

- - entrance for sellers is £15 for cars, £30 for vans, and £10 for walk in sellers

- - tables can be hired for £5, with a deposit of £25

- - sellers are let in at 7 am

- - selling hours are from 8 am – 1 pm

For buyers it is a lot simpler, once you’re there, pay your 50p and you are free to roam the sale. Be warned if you are driving to the sale parking spaces are rare, so public transport may be a better idea. You can find everything at this car boot bonanza: antiques, designer clothes, electronic games, homemade cakes, and anything else you can imagine, you just have to be prepared to rummage.

Just round the corner from the Chiswick car boot is the Dukes Meadow Farmers Market, selling fresh, reasonably local produce. The best lamb burger I have ever had was bought (and cooked in front of me) at this market, with a delicious homemade tomato chutney to accompany it. After a slab of rich chocolate cake from another stall I am generally ready to go home and look over my mornings buys.

More info on Chiswick car boot sale here.

More info on Dukes Meadow Farmers Market here.

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