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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Vibe Live with Jetson and Graffiti 6

Brick Lane couldn’t be boring if it tried, there is always something to see there. Last week (after stuffing myself with copious amounts of Brick Lane curry) I went to VIBE LIVE at the Vibe Bar to see two new bands: Jetson and Graffiti6.

Jetson are a three piece, currently unsigned, but I’m sure for not much longer. Their music is a collision of Funk and Folk. Only together since 2009, they already have a certainty of sound and style and a large following including celebs like Jamie Cullum and Emma Watson and can boast performing in major venues such as the O2 Arena. The song ‘Ashdown Drive’ particularly moved me, lead singer Rohan Unni was completely possessed by the words, and moved about the stage with infectious energy (there were several moments I was desperate to get up and dance with them). Jetson work together as a team on stage, coherent and well organised. Their repertoire is individual with a laid back quality that is perfect for easy summer listening. Jetson’s obvious passion for performing would make any audience love to watch and listen.

See them next at The 100 Club on Oxford Street on Thursday 8th July where they will be headlining, as well as a free gig at Roadtrip in Shoreditch this Thursday, 3rd June.

Graffiti6 are a recent collaboration between Jamie Scott and TommyD, both separately and together they have impressive resumes. It’s surprising that they have only been an ensemble since Autumn 2008 because they work together brilliantly. When asked, Jamie described his music to me as “a dinner date between Northern Soul and Folk Music.” After listening I would agree with that meeting of styles, Jamie’s voice is luxurious and soulful and soars through each and every melody effortlessly. As a singer myself, I particularly enjoy a male singer exploring the upper register of his voice and Jamie certainly does this, with great confidence. The support of the talented band around him gives him the platform to play around and enjoy the music.

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