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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Some singing and The Word magazine

It is awful that it has taken me until now to put something on this blog about my singing. Even now my lack of IT skills are preventing me from actually managing to put the tracks straight on here - so if anyone knows how, please share the knowledge!

A few weeks ago, at a delightful summer BBQ, I recorded a few songs with my irrepressible friend, Mark Ellen. It was a lovely sunny day and as we sat drinking Corona in the garden, it seemed like the perfect idea to sing through a few light jazz numbers.

Listen to our tracks, Summertime and Dream a Little Dream here. An exciting collaboration and hopefully the start of many exciting songs to come, so watch this space.

I thought I'd take this opportunity also to introduce you to The Word magazine. As a musician and music lover I was embarrassed that I didn't know more about this exciting and informative magazine. It covers the best of the current music scene as well as looking back and exploring some of the greats. The articles are about REAL music rather than obsessing about the celebrity aspect of the business as many music mags do. Often they include a free CD too, with a carefully selected playlist.

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