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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Chain Restaurants in London - Black and Blue and Del'Aziz

Inside Del'Aziz

Sometimes you just want comfort food... but where to go?

On the rare occasion I feel like eating somewhere other than my beloved Pizza Express, I turn to good London chains such as Black and Blue and Del'Aziz.

On Saturday stood in front of Kensington Church Street's top burger joint, my brother and I pondered for a while why Black and Blue's facade was not designed in black and blue but instead, annoyingly, green and silver. This restaurant is a simple but classic burger chain, with six branches across London it has quickly grown in popularity. The menu is clear with a select choice of burgers and a few salads, all you need from such a place. (It irritates me when I am offered a million different dishes at a burger restaurant, if you want a good burger go somewhere that has little else on the menu.)

The ingredients are fresh and the meat high quality. The chips are, I would say about a 7 out of 10 (a high rating considering the perfect chip is almost impossible to find!) I had a delicious bacon & cheese burger and for dessert four of us shared one portion of the peach and champagne sorbet - delicious and palate-freshening after the rich meal.

Another chain I recently discovered, at Westfield is Del'Aziz which advertises itself as an Eastern Mediterranean deli and restaurant. They serve light, flavoursome food with great sharing plates. The best thing about the restaurant is the fabulous entertainment they put on every night. A resident belly dancer dances amongst diners and sometimes they have folk musicians or flamenco to get you in the Med mood.

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