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Thursday, 24 June 2010

I Love Leon

Everyday I order the lunches at work, if people don't like what I've ordered they're not happy. I try to order a wide variety but I find that I can't ever please everyone.

A few months ago I tried out Leon, a restaurant I had heard about from several foodie friends. Leon have a strong belief that food should 'taste good and do you good'. They use the freshest of ingredients to ensure their food is always full of flavour.

My office loves Leon and rejoices when it comes through the door. I get requests for Leon almost every day. The menu is varied, with options for all. Healthy but delicious. My favourite is the chicken and chorizo wrap, which comes warm, the meatballs and superfood salads are also great.

Leon has received numerous awards for its indisputably yummy 'fast' food. And if that isn't enough, they have their very own cookbook as well. So spread the word and go and try it yourself!


  1. am i the foodie friend?

  2. Maybe? But I don't know who you are Anonymous...?