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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sinead Kelly, Hair Salon, Barnes

It is always a good sign when the people doing your hair have healthy shiny tresses themselves and at Sinead Kelly this is completely true of the lovely stylists. I was welcomed in off the cold street and taken care of wonderfully. Feeling pretty deflated about my blonde, dry hair, I was in desperate need of a moisturising treatment and refreshing blow dry.
Mandy (sister of the salon owner, Sinead) was my stylist for the day; super friendly and kind, she made me feel totally at ease - it was like chatting to a friend. After a brief talk about the treatment I would be receiving, I went through for a thorough hair wash and botox treatment. Yes, that's right, botox. I was initially scared that I would be receiving some hardcore injections and silicone... at 23 I feel I have a few years before sampling any of that! Botox treatment for hair is, in fact, the newest and trendiest thing to have done. A serum and conditioner is massaged through your hair leaving it glossy and thickened, ideal for hair suffering in harsh winter weather. The botox lasts for ten washes and results can be improved each time you have it done (Mandy recommended once a month if you have the time and money).
My hair was then blowdried and curled with tongs to create a messy, beachy look. It seemed to bounce with joy after Mandy's careful styling, it looked and felt much healthier. I left with a long list of helpful instructions about how to maintain my new look, always advisable to reduce post-hairdresser trauma, which I suffer from a lot! Mandy also offered me reassurance and advice about 'being a blonde' (she has beautiful ash blonde hair, but is naturally dark) and suggested a few brilliant ideas to make my locks look more natural. It gave me a massive boost of confidence.
I have not one bad word to say about the Sinead Kelly Salon, I had such a lovely experience there, I can't think of a lovelier place to get your hair revitalised.
Visit the Sinead Kelly website to book here.

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