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Sunday, 18 December 2011

QuickBliss Spa, Debenhams, Oxford Street

I was delighted with the results of my facial at the big Bliss Spa in South Kensington and so was excited to be visiting the younger QuickBliss area in Debenhams. This new addition to the Bliss family is pampering shoppers in need of a quick pick me up. The treatments are done in two reclining chairs on the shop floor, just behind the counter.

After you get accustomed to the blaring Christmas soundtrack and chatter of frantic shoppers around you these Quickbliss mini services are really relaxing and nourishing. Sometimes the faff of getting changed and ready for a beauty treatment can be frustrating and as a busy girl I like to get straight to it – Quickbliss is the perfect solution for impatient clients like me. My therapist for the treatment was Shen, a lovely and experienced beautician who is passionate and informative about the service they provide.

Taking inspiration from the extensive full spa menu, Quickbliss in Debenhams has compiled a shorter more precise list of facials, eye treatments, foot treatments, and special services all lasting less than an hour and costing £18 upwards. Here they are about efficiency – getting the best results in as little time as possible. I tried the Oxygen Blast, a shorter version of the spa’s most famous and popular complexion reviver facial. It lasts fifty minutes, and includes an intensive cleansing, exfoliating fruit acid wash, hydrating enzyme pack and vitaminized oxygen spray. It really is a breath of fresh air for your face.

I am wary of loading my face with product after product, but at Bliss you can feel the different lotions working on your skin… the exfoliator tingles, the oxygen spray tickles, they feel like active working products. I loved the machines Shen used during my facial, the porefecter gadget that finely vibrates to deep cleanse the skin and elimate blackheads, and a strangely surreal oxygen machine that blows cold fresh oxygen into your skin and leaves you feeling bright and beautiful. The best thing is – all the pampering products are available to buy.

As a parting gift Shen gave me a little pouch of goodies: Clog dissolving cleansing milk, lid & lash wash makeup remover and triple oxygen+c energizing cream, all to help me on my way with a more effective beauty routine.

Next time you’re having a stressful time shopping on Oxford Street pop into Debenhams for a blast of beautification - it is heavenly.

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