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Monday, 19 December 2011

Karine Jackson, Hairdressers, Covent Garden

Karine Jackson's salon is based just moments away from chaotic Leicester Square, and is a refuge for busy Londoners for a few hours of pampering. This independent salon has been awarded numerous awards and prides itself on giving a professional but personable service to all clients.

It was busy inside when I visited, I was soon seated and brought a cup of tea by a smiling assistant. I was booked in to have my hair coloured with Arash and blow dried by Emma, both whom I met at the start of my appointment. After discussing, in depth, the different options for my hair, we decided to go for blonde…which alarmingly meant a whole head of bleach. I was completely unaware about the process this entails, and would warn anyone that a brown to blonde whole head colour change is a massive job and a lot of strain on your hair.

My hair was coated in thick white bleach, that looked rather ominous, but I was reassured that it was all ammonia free. All the hair dyes used at KJ are from the range of Organic Colour Systems, impressively healthy colouring products. I was alerted to the fact that my scalp might itch or sting and this is normal for a first time bleacher. It worried me slightly that at this hair salon the stylists frequently conferred in the corner of the room, while glancing over at me. When the stinging and itching became unbearable the bleach was promptly washed off.

I don’t think it had gone quite to plan, and Arash had moved onto his next client, so I was left worrying in my chair, with only a cup of tea to console me. Another stylist eventually came over and reapplied bleach to the darker parts of my hair, and I was left for 30 minutes to stew in bleach. The second lot was washed off and then a toner applied, a colour Arash decided would work best. This then remained on my hair for a further thirty minutes… by this point I had been at the salon for nearly four hours! A final hair wash downstairs (with luxurious smelling products) and it was finally time for my blow dry.

Unfortunately no one seemed available to dry my hair, both Arash and Emma were with other clients and I was left feeling a bit sorry for myself in the corner. Another stylist came over and offered to ‘rough dry’, so I had to accept that.

Karine Jackson is a lovely salon, but I just felt a bit in the way on this busy December afternoon, perhaps I came at the wrong time to experience the true nature of the place. I left the salon a fully fledged blonde, ready to find out if blondes really do have more fun.

Visit the Karine Jackson website here.

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