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Monday, 19 December 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 82

Christmas is all about memorable scents and delicious smells, aside from the Christmas dinner turkey, scented candles are a must around the cold winter season, and add to the decorations and sparkle during the festive season. I love the Diptyque candles, their scents are delicate, natural and lasting. I have one in my room, a pretty Tuberose scent, pale yellow in colour, it is a beguiling strong and sensual flowery scent, and always calms me when I light it in the evenings.

The Diptyque company was started in Paris in 1961 when three friends were united by a passion for creativity and design. They opened a shop at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain selling items from their travels and beautifully eccentric fabric designs. To match their fabrics the Diptyque trio begin offering coloured candles with added perfumed wax. The customers fell in love with the inimitable stylish fragrances leading to the introduction of the first Diptyque scented candle in 1963. Ever since they have been luring visitors in with their unique special scents and pretty packaging.

This December Diptyque have launched a lovely range of holiday fragrances especially for the festive season. The Epinette (spruced tree) and Perdigone (spiced plum) scents will bring a luxurious smell to any home while glowing in their red and green pretty glass containers.

The Epinette echoes the aromatic freshness of pine needles and the resinuous notes of pine cones while the Perdigone is a concentrate of warm and fruity notes around a spiced plum that deliciously perfumes the house, comforting in the depths of winter.

The mini candles of Epinette and Perdigone cost £25 each and promise to last 30 hours, they are the perfect stress free Christmas gift.

Buy on the Diptyque website here.

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