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Friday, 21 October 2011

Office Party, Product Solutions, London

Office Party is not your conventional piece of theatre: assume nothing, expect the unexpected . The secrets of the production are not mine to tell... to discover them you'll have to go along yourself, but I can guarantee a night of excitement and surprises.

The drama is located at Product Solutions Head Office, Islington North Road, next door to the Pleasance Theatre. Beginning as a smaller project showcasing at Edinburgh Fringe 2007, its popularity and unique appeal has brought Office Party to London. It is a clever concept from the show’s creators, Christopher Green and Ursula Martinez, who also perform and direct.

The most fun comes from the accidental drama provoked by the audience which inevitably varies each night. Speaking to one of the actors after the show, he commended our group as being particularly enthusiastic, bringing the best out of the show’s intentions. I enjoyed myself immensely but found there was a little too much waiting around between the action, and those less patient audience members seemed to be lagging around the edges of the room looking bored.

It is a night of comedy and cabaret with some brilliantly witty performances. I must mention actor Jonathan Broke who I particularly interacted with during the show and who gave a hilariously funny and spontaneous performance. Anil Desai is genius too, plunging himself into his stereotypical character and making the audience chuckle. There is a fair amount of audience participation for those willing and my friend and I revelled in this opportunity; this definitely made our experience more enjoyable.

Office Party is an interactive evening of fun and insanity, be prepared for anything.

One more thing, the show doesn’t start until 8pm but if you’re looking for a bite to eat beforehand there is a lovely establishment just next door: Carpenters Mews is a vibrant gastro pub definitely worth a visit.

Visit the OFFICE PARTY website and book tickets here.

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