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Monday, 3 October 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 71

You may have seen Zara Taylor’s jewellery gracing the wrists and necks of London’s finest in ‘Made in Chelsea’, and others have cottoned on to the trend too. Taylor’s jewellery is inspired by vintage designs and she also uses vintage materials to create her magical collections: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches that are dainty and charming and certainly one of a kind.

As a gold jewellery wearer there are numerous pieces I could see myself wearing as the majority of her pieces are made in gold. A particular favourite of mine is the blue eye necklace, a piercing blue eye attached to a delicate 16k gold plated chain. I can’t stand wearing obtrusive earrings, and always opt for minimalist gold studs, but spotting some of the beauties on this website I’m having second thoughts. I adore the peace and love earrings, discreet but pretty, and would add a sophisticated touch to an outfit.

Despite the rising prices of gold Zara Taylor’s jewellery never skimps on materials, and often the pieces are plated with high quality 16k gold. For once I was pleasantly surprised by the prices, even the special edition pieces are very reasonable and with lots of pieces under £10 it is easy to treat yourself without the guilt factor.

Visit Zara Taylor website here.

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