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Monday, 17 October 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 73 - Rosie Sugden

Brrrrrr, it's getting chilly. I’ve put my Brora blanket back on my bed and the Wolford tights are coming out in force - it's much too cold for bare legs. At this time of year it is all about accessories: the little extras that make the colder, darker days a bit more manageable. And I have found just the thing...

Some of you will already know about my neon obsession, I am drawn to bright colours like a magpie, and I find with my yellowy skin tone that the brighter the neon the more flattering it looks on me. Rosie Sugden’s cashmere collection is just the thing to satisfy my neon cravings, and when I saw her beautifully made fluoro pink pom-pom beanie (£95) I was hooked. Made from 4 ply cashmere yarn specially dyed in the Scottish Borders, this accessory is of the highest quality. The slouchy style combined with gorgeous moss stitch and cable texture will add instant appeal, a fun dash of colour to any dull winter outfit. Lovely matching pink mittens (£56) are also available.

Rosie Sugden launched her luxury cashmere label this year, after graduating with a degree in Knitwear Design. There is a strong flavour of Scotland, the influence that this magical place has had on Rosie. The work is designed and manufactured in Scotland using 2ply Scottish yarn. Rosie says about her collection: "I have always felt passionate about supporting the UK textile industry, the Scottish arm in particular, and my debut collection is a testimony to my passion for quality cashmere and to the skills of those individuals who have helped to make this possible."

All the pieces are made with immaculate care and attention to detail and are built to have longevity. Most interestingly there is flair and innovation in Rosie’s collection, a fresh new perspective on cashmere, moving away from the normal cashmere designs that tend to be very traditional and plain.

Luxuriously soft and warm and perfectly pink, Rosie Sugden’s fluoro hat and mittens are my first must-have accessories for Winter 2011.

Visit the Rosie Sugden website and buy online here.

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