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Monday, 10 October 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 72

Beachy hair is almost impossible to obtain and maintain unless you are actually on a beach and have access to the sea. Then there are the models in magazines also possessing the perfect tousled hair, and ever since I can remember I have wondered how I too can achieve this laid back and pretty state with my badly behaved locks.

While at hairdressers Pimps and Pinups the other day, I was introduced by my stylist to Kevin Murphy’s range... assuming they would just be more useless, over priced and sticky products I took no notice while she applied them to my new haircut. However even I had to admit the results were pleasing, and the products smelt delicious.

The Kevin Murphy range was developed from a simple philosophy: moisture, strength and regeneration. The website is clear and concise and explains what is best for different types of hair. I’ve heard a few people mention how brilliant the shampoo’s and conditioners are but I only had enough to buy the styling products used on my hair. I bought HAIR RESORT (£15), used to add body and texture to hair, strong but weightless. This should be crunched into hair when still wet for the best results. Then my favourite stuff is the EASY RIDER (£16.50) product used to defrizz and activate the natural curl in your hair. It can be applied to damp or dry hair and will add vitamins and minerals to treat the hair while also styling it.

I am so glad to finally find a hair brand I can trust and rely on every day, and at last I seem able to create a bit of that unattainable beachy hair look.

Visit Kevin Murphy website here.

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